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Moved || October 07, 2003 ||1:47 pm

I'm moving... check me out here, and update your bookmarks accordingly.

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hats, and fall ruminations || October 01, 2003 ||2:08 pm

As promised, I dealt with my non-finishing blues by making a hat. Two, actually. I did a cable-y hat in the bulky cashmere, and then started another one with Karabella Majestic (a mohair/merino blend), which I've just about finished. I'm not posting pictures, though, because I'm submitting both to Knitty. I'm also now working on a matching scarf with the rest of the cashmere - here's hoping it'll be enough. The only thing is, who's going to buy 5 balls of $50 cashmere for a hat & scarf? Perhaps I should duplicate the design in a more reasonably priced yarn. We'll see.

But I gotta say, I love making hats. They don't require a large investment of time or money, making them a perfect canvas to try any number of techniques on. For example, on the Majestic hat I tried mosaic knitting for the first time, using a pattern from one of the Barbara Walker stitch treasuries. I like the result very much, and it was enjoyable to knit. Yay! I also happen to like wearing hats, so that works out well.

On a serious note, I was extremely saddened to read on Annie's blog of the death of her brother at the young age of 44. Lately I've been thinking a lot about my mom, who died of a brain tumor suddenly at 49 (I was 22). I think there's something about the changing of the seasons that makes me acutely aware of the passage of time, and of how much has happened since she's been gone. Although it's been over 4 years now, in some ways it still doesn't seem real to me. It's so strange to think that while it feels like just yesterday, my life has headed in such different directions from where it was then. I ended a relationship with the man whom I thought I would spend my life with, and met the man who is now my husband. I abandoned the career that I had been planning since early childhood and am now embarking on something entirely different. It's strange especially to think that she never got to know my husband Scott, who she would have loved, and will never be a grandmother, a role she would have embraced.

Also, I just miss her so much every single day. I thought it would be easier by now.

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